Protecting rights of owner drivers

THE New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission has approved a collective contract agreement between the TWU, Toll Transport and owner drivers in NSW.

The newly-approved collective contract agreement has again sought to encompass and protect the conditions of our members, ranging from an increase in labour rates to the inclusion of union delegate rights and training for a blue card.

The increase in labour rates is linked to the percentage increase that employees receive under their collective agreement, while increased delegate rights and blue card training will result in better industrial and safety outcomes for owner drivers.

More importantly, we are confident this collective contract agreement will provide the best mechanism for owner drivers to operate safely and sustainably in NSW.

It is through the hard work and perseverance of our members that drivers in NSW enjoy legislative protections unlike any other system in Australia.

NSW owner drivers have a system that addresses the lethal pressures many of the major retailers are placing on truck drivers in other states and territories across Australia.

We hope this system, which has entrenched the rights and conditions of owner drivers in NSW for more than 40 years, can be replicated on a national scale through the newly established Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal.

The Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal, which took affect as of July 1, has already started to take shape in its first few weeks of operation.

The government has appointed to the tribunal legal experts from Fair Work Australia and industry-based experts to ensure the interests of both business and drivers are recognised.

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