Look for a change of career? 2013 might be the year to make it happen.
Look for a change of career? 2013 might be the year to make it happen. Creatas Images

Positive signs for employment outlook

IF YOU'RE looking for a change of career, 2013 might  be the year to make it happen.

While some economic commentators hold bleak predictions for the new year, the November MyCareer Employment

Forecast sees more than 130,000 new jobs being created by next August.

This growth is still well below the massive job creation seen at the height of the mining boom, when as many as 300,000 new jobs were added each year, but well above the year to August 2012, where just 58,000 new positions were created.

The November 2012 edition finds that the number of jobs continues to grow, although slowly and  unevenly.

Despite recent job losses, the mining sector still remains a stand-out, with jobs growing at 22.3% annually, while manufacturing, retail, tourism and transport, and storage sectors jobs have declined. The report also finds jobs growth has not been even among demographic segments.

Workers aged 63 or over remain the fastest-growing segment and numbers have reached record levels. Conversely, the job market for Generation Y has slowed, although for better educated and more experienced Gen Ys, jobs are growing, with managerial positions up 4.4% and professional positions up 3.1%.

The job losses are at the unskilled end of the job market, with positions for Gen Y labourers down 6.8%.

The overall market for professionals and managers in Australia has returned to growth after a weak 2011.

At the state level, Western Australia continues to be a standout in terms of jobs growth, while South Australia is in the doldrums, NSW is slowly returning to jobs growth, as is Queensland, while the market in Victoria is soft.

Salary levels continue to be different and are growing at different levels across industries and occupations.

Full-time workers in the tourism sector have the lowest average pay ($50,500 a year), whereas those in the mining sector earn more than double that, at $119,100 per year.

Salaries among professionals are growing at 3.7%, whereas among managers salaries growth is lower, at 3%.
Among the unskilled, wages fell 0.3% in the year to June.

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