Pollie promises fairyland style

EE AWW: Kermie says the voting public is being treated like donkeys.
EE AWW: Kermie says the voting public is being treated like donkeys. Bna Photography Mackay

IT'S coming up to state election time down here in Victoria and the two major parties are doing the usual thing of promising the world in the hope of getting elected/re-elected.

The incumbent is running bulk prime-time television ads extolling their achievements and promises for the future - this under the guise of public information, so that it can be paid for out of the government coffers - ie, the Victorian voters' wallets.

They have promised a new east-west road link with the feds throwing in $3 billion to help build it (but it will still be a tollway?). That should be a boon to the hard-working truck driver.

On the other hand, the opposition wants to get rid of dozens of railway/road crossings, which would also be a boon to trucks and cars.

But the feds will withdraw their $3 billion if that happens, which I read to be holding the Victorian elector to ransom.

Why should Victorians suffer because the election might result in a party of a different persuasion coming to power.

Crime, ambulance and other stats are not being divulged prior to the election, which in all probability means that they are not favourable to the incumbent. The opposition got wind of a government job announcement coming up and leapt in before them, announcing 100,000 new jobs for Victoria over the next four years.

The government rubbished the claim as unachievable and the very next day announced that THEY would create 200,000 new positions. All those motor industry workers about to lose their jobs will be jumping for joy. That's what we need down here; 200,000 extra baristas.

Apparently we are going to get a train line from Melbourne Airport to the city. That's right Brisbane and Sydney, we don't have one of those. They don't tell us when we will get it, of course.

Unfortunately, I don't live in a swinging electorate (well, I might, but the local paper doesn't carry those sort of ads in their personals column) so we are not being courted to anywhere near the extent of those electorates where swinging is well and truly out in the open.

New hospitals, more cops, ambulances, fire engines, schools - you name it, it is all being proffered like a carrot on a stick in front of the donkey.

And that's what I object to; that all parties treat us, the voting public, like donkeys. Listen to a pollie being interviewed on the radio and you can spend 10 minutes hearing absolutely nothing.

The fact is that much of what is promised is fairyland.

When was the last time an incoming government stuck to what they promised before being elected. I've been a voter for 44 years and I can't recall it ever happening.

We are treated like gullible sheep by both major parties. Just for once I'd like to hear a politician stand up and say, "We can't do this or that", before an election.

If voting wasn't compulsory in this country, I don't think anyone would turn up. Politicians would do well to remember, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE.

You take care of you because, in most cases, politicians just don't give a shit.

Kermie, 0418 139 415,

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