Pine Creek inspection finds drug drivers

Police conducted inspections at Pine Creek
Police conducted inspections at Pine Creek

THREE truck drivers were issued 24-hour prohibition notices for positive oral fluid tests and two charges for critical fatigue breaches after Traffic Task Force police conducted stationary enforcement at Pine Creek (Coffs Harbour) Heavy Vehicle Inspection Station with the RMS yesterday.

During the day, 58 breath and drug tests were conducted, 44 infringements issued for load restraint, dimension breaches, hours and work diary offences, fail to enter and container weight offences.

Police said one male driver tested positive to methamphetamine after attempting to mask his sample with a dashboard cleaner and a 24-hour prohibition notice was issued no to drive.

Another male driver was issued with the same notice after testing positive to cannabis following an oral fluid sample.

Police said a male driver from Sydney was issued notices for dimension breach, work hours and work diary breaches - which was the second time in just over a month.

Police also said a male truck driver also failed to enter the inspection station after being directed to enter.

He was stopped further down the road and was issued with infringements for fail to enter and weight offences.

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