FINE MADNESS: Yogi's had a gutful


"I'M sick of it, I'm sick of this, I've just had an absolute gutful of this why we are at this point is beyond me." 

Those are the words off Kendall Trucking and Company owner and Outback Trucking identity Glenn "Yogi" Kendall.

Yogi took to Facebook today to express his frustration in trying to deal with the $220 fine he copped when he was stopped by the South Australian taskforce at Penong for falling foul of the National Driver Work Diary Laws.

In an update, he told his followers: "If you say nice things and you play nice and you speak properly you get results".

"While I've done all that, I asked for the letter of review and the letter has come back and it's been denied so the fine stands so now I have to take it to court."

Yogi said the review came back stating that the offending officer pointed out that the safety camera time matched the time on his phone.


"At no point was that ever pointed out but of course it matches, it's a SA (South Australian) safety camera and the phone was on SA time, but at no point was I ever on SA time, I run on Victorian time.

"My clock on my dash said it was four minutes past and I run on Victorian time.

"So you want a war, you're gonna get a war."

He said he was "nervous about this" and that he didn't "know where to go from here" and asked for anyone who specialised in Heavy Vehicle Work Diary National Law or heavy vehicle laws to get in touch with him.

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