Outback Truckers are back for season 5

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  OUTBACK Truckers is back and bigger than ever with the launch of season 5 tonight,  with episode 1 set in the Kimberly.    The 13 episode season welcomes back both a few regulars along with some new faces.   

Making a return is family man Yogi, 'Outback Legend' and Steve Grahame after last year surviving a tyre blow out that put him in hospital.  

"We are happy to see a few of our favourites back, especially Steve after his shoulder operation who is back on the road after four months," joint managing director of Prospero Productions Julia Redwood said.   

Now in the post production stage for the final episodes Julia said the team is excited to reveal season 5 to it's Australian audiences tonight.   

Outback Truckers return for season 5
Outback Truckers return for season 5

"What I love about this series is we show the real deal epic journeys these drivers take on, it's very exciting and these drivers deserve recognition for the conditions they have to work through," Julia said.  "We see new faces and head on different journeys to places like Tasmania to the fish markets in Melbourne and an extraordinary journey to Micronesia," she said.   

While many fans of the show come from the industry, Julia says the reactions she gets from those who have had no experience in trucking are often of amazement.     

"We hear feedback where people are blown away with what drivers in Australia have to deal with, they say wow I didn't know this world existed," Julie said.

"Some of the media surrounding the trucking industry isn't always the best so we aim to show the industry in it's real and positive light.  

"A majority of drivers are really hard working, dealing with difficult and sometime risky situations while they are under a lot of pressure to achieve.   

During the filming a crew of 3-4 people travel with the drivers for the whole journey, capturing every moment.  

"This is the real Australian voice we are capturing, the story of the drivers that keep the country running," Julie said.  

  Outback Truckers season 5 starts Tuesday 16th May at 8:30pm on 7MATE.  

The first episode is followed by Prospero Productions creation Outback Pilots season 1 at 9:30pm.