IN THE DRINK: Stay healthy by keeping hydrated this Christmas and New Year’s.
IN THE DRINK: Stay healthy by keeping hydrated this Christmas and New Year’s.

Our tips to survive party season

THE Christmas holiday season is supposed to be about having fun, about laughter and joy, catching up with friends and family.

It's about taking a moment to put our feet up and reflecting on your survival of yet another frantic year.

For many of us all the socialising, drinking and eating can get a bit much.

There is so much eating and drinking and socialising with friends in the lead up to the big day that, come Christmas Day, well most of us are pretty much spent!

Here's a few tips to help you survive the party season:

  1. Start the day with some lemon in warm water - this will help get the digestive juices cranking for the onslaught of food and beverages later in the day.
  2. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Keep your fluids up - and no I don't mean the alcoholic variety.
  3. For those of you that love a big festive drink, yes there are other types of drinks!  Plain ol' water should do the trick. I don't ordinarily condone drinking soft drinks and juices, but they also have their place as substitutes for alcohol.
  4. Be prepared. No, this doesn't mean toddling off to buy half of Dan Murphy's on Christmas Eve. But if you are a drinker and often find that sometimes you awake the next morning having drunk just a little too much, then maybe consider pre-purchasing a hydration drink from your pharmacy or local sports store - just to be prepared!
  5. When it comes to food, don't be the Christmas stuffing! You don't need to eat everything in sight - no really, you don't!  Maybe this year try to exercise a little control. Fill up on fluids before eating - and no, I don't mean alcohol. Having fluids before a meal can help you feel fuller. Be careful not to have too much though, too close to the meal as it can dilute the acids and enzymes in your stomach, which are essential for digestion.
  6. Why not run with a "No-Processed Food" theme this Christmas - just vegies and protein - straight up!  No fancy-schwansy gourmet pack food.  No packets of chippies or dips - unless of course they are home made - yum! There are plenty of awesome recipes around that combine fresh ingredients into all sorts of yummy meals.
  7. Take some time out. Christmas day for most is spent with lots of other people talk talk talking at you, with you and about you! Your brain is on constant red alert, highly stimulated, especially once you start staring into the flashing lights of the Christmas tree!  So this year find some quiet time - to give your head a break - and regroup.

Often we get so caught up in the hype of it all and that's what sends us spinning into an eating and drinking frenzy because that's what the others are doing. Try running your own race - you'll feel so much better!

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you have a wonderful and safe Christmas and that you surround yourself with those you want to be around. Thanks everyone for your support during the year. See you in 2013.

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