OPINION: Road toll reactions

I AM not surprised by the reaction of the truck driving community to the comments by NSW Roads Minister Melinda Pavey, who suggested drivers can be given an electric shock by a device if they look away from the windscreen for more than two seconds.

We have seen a month of truck-related deaths with the Minister and others maintaining a stance that seeks a technology-led solution to the problems on our roads.

That solution includes 11 more speed cameras in the State of NSW aimed at heavy vehicles.

One driver on the TWU Facebook page has suggested the Minister might care to talk to him (and many others like him) because he can bring more than 20 years of driving and "42 million kilometres" of experience to any discussion.

I remind Melinda Pavey again that all credible evidence shows that the overwhelming cause of the majority of truck- related accidents is not due to drivers, but extreme and unfair conditions that the NSW Government still refuses to address.

Minister, you said on Channel seven that you wanted to work with organisations to lessen our road toll, but the TWU, the largest representative organisation of truck drivers in the country has not heard from you.

TWU Member and Member of the Legislative Council in NSW Daniel Mookhey has stood up for truck drivers.

As Daniel told the TWU this week he "… moved a motion for Parliament to send a clear message to the Roads Minister that her comments were careless and callous."

The Minister is clearly holding on to the notion that all the problems in our industry are where the rubber meets the road.

She has recently stated in parliament that "the TWU and its members continue to enjoy the benefit of the record spend on our roads, which is making those roads safer for truck drivers and the communities of New South Wales."

She then went on to tell the parliament how her Government are building the WestConnex, yet another way that private companies can gouge hard earned money from drivers through unfair road tolling charges. Given the number of truck-related deaths in January, Minister how are those brand new roads working out for you?

We need strong policy that actually reaches the corporate boardrooms where decisions are made.

While the NSW Government have their heads in the sand, truck-related deaths on our roads will continue.

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