OVER AND OUT: Journalist Ebony Stansfield says goodbye to  The Daily Examiner .
OVER AND OUT: Journalist Ebony Stansfield says goodbye to The Daily Examiner . Ebony Stansfield


THIS Friday will be my last day at The Daily Examiner.

On January 2, 2018, in my first job outside of university, I started at the newspaper.

Before this I worked hard to gain an ATAR, graduated after three years of university and completed more than 2000 hours of unpaid interning.

I decided about two months ago I wanted to move back to my home town and back where my family and close friends were based.

It was probably one of the hardest decisions I've had to make, it being the first I've ever made in regards to my career.

When I realised it was my time to move on and I didn't want to be a journalist, I was scared but I was mainly disappointed.

Disappointed in myself, disappointed in essentially 'failing' and not achieving what I was out to achieve.

But I realised just because my journey here ends, it doesn't mean it's the end of my journey.

My dream job and end goal was to work as a video journalist in a war-torn country and raise awareness about the impact and devastation of war.

One day I will hopefully achieve this dream of mine, but at the moment I don't really know what is next. And I am okay with that.

But if a big fluorescent sign came from above with words to guide me onto my next journey or gave me an idea on where I was headed, that would be great.

When I told people outside the workplace that I resigned from my job, people who were much older and wiser than I am, reacted with worry.

In certain situations I felt I was in a teenage movie, where the teenager decides to go on a different path than one envisioned for them by their parent.

Then the parent goes 'You're giving up on your dream!!!!' and the teenager responds 'I'm not giving up mine, I'm giving up yours'.

I always put an immense pressure on myself, and I have similar worry I will never get a 'sign' to send me on the right career path.

But does anyone at 21 really have a grand plan? Or are we all just winging it?

But something I always trust is my own gut feeling.

My gut told me it was time to move home and I listened to it, which I guess sounds absolutely ridiculous.

But through my short 21 years around the sun, it has been something I have always used as a guide.

I am so blessed in the wonderful opportunity I have had in the DEX office and I've never met a group of people who work harder and are more motivated than our team.

I think it's very easy for the public to criticise from afar but I don't know many people who could achieve what the staff in the DEX office achieve daily.

Our editor Bill North motivates the team to work with credibility, reliability and as a whole.

Everyone works to 110 per cent day in and day out, for the love of our community and news.

I'm lucky to have been supported, taught, and trained by people at DEX and have learnt so much in a short time and I will be forever thankful for the opportunity.

I have also met so many wonderful people throughout the Clarence Valley community, who have achieved so many great things.

Thanks DEX, you've been a wild time but now it's time to go.

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