Dear Dr Miles

There seems to be a wall of silence to those of us at the coal face when it comes to communicating with the powers that be.   

So here we are the coal face coming directly to you by-passing all the self-serving associations and committees on the way.

NATIONAL HEAVY VEHICLES - managed by logbooks, over regulated by everyone.    

Yes, the drives fight and squabble amongst themselves and are their own worst enemies most of the time and unfortunately it allows the industry associations, especially those in the IAG to run their own agendas or the NTC's without any roadblocks. *

The last roadblock by the truck drivers was Razorback, some say they won some will argue points of it but never the less they stood by each other and got the job done.  

Unfortunately, it's now illegal for them to do anything like this again.

So here is my point.  We wives and partners love our drivers, who they are and what they do.  

What we don't love and don't want to happen is to be planning a funeral anytime soon.

All the pundits cry 'fatigue' 90 percent of the time that there is an accident, well here's the thing - have any of you been out on the highway recently especially at holiday time and seen the conditions the truck drivers are expected to live with?

There is a Facebook page that is dedicated to bringing this situation to everyone's attention especially the decision makers. i.e. you.  

Join the group and watch the video's and photos and comments it's all from drivers and partners it's real and its current.   

It's not a peak season for holiday makers at the moment so the full impact won't be seen until we have a long weekend and when I say we I simply mean the general public of Australia not the truck drivers.

I wonder how much revenue would be made if the authorities could enforce the no camping etc. in the designated truck parking bays and fine developers of apps like for advising travellers to use designated truck areas.  

How about adding the service centres and road houses into the COR within the NHVL so they can actually ensure the cars etc do not park in their designated truck parking bays during peak holiday season.

The Pacific highway has been upgraded but the roadside parking bays have disappeared.  

There are some big 'rest areas' with designated truck parking bays but more commonly they have campervans and other vehicles parked in them.  

The new one at Kempsey is used as a changeover pad as no one had any forethought to build one like Tarcutta.

Austroads Report 2019 gives the strategies and design as has every other report we have found since 2003.  

It's great to have Major, Medium and Minor rest areas but when it comes to the trucks, they get a rubbish bin.  I know it's logistically not simple, but the Nullarbor plans no facilities.

$M3 was spent on Adelaide River Parking Truck rest area.  A lot of thought went into this.   

One lane either side of the highway next to the rail line just up from the pub and Puma servo.  

Yes, it won't hurt the driver to cross the highway and walk all the way back to the servo or the pub but come on this is really making the people that serve this country to keep it working day and night second class citizens.

How about IAG stop self-serving and step up to the mark and also there is an election looming and how many truck drivers, and their families vote?  It may not be another Razorback, but it can still be a point well driven home.


Don't let us bury a driver due to this kind of mismanagement.

Yours sincerely, the Bored Neurotic Housewife

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