One good thing about pandemic is less traffic

OWNER operator Craig Moscrop is from the rural hamlet of Mutchilba which is in the Mareeba Shire of far north Queensland and he drives a Kenworth C501.

Craig was unhooking a trailer when Big Rigs saw him just outside of Townsville along the Port Access Road.

“I have been carrying stock lick and it is going to Mt Garnet. Usually I haul hay,” he said.

Craig said his surname had English heritage and he has been a truck driver for 30 years.

“Mutchilba is a nice little place between Dimbulah and Mareeba and I have a pretty good life,” he said.

Craig said the pandemic had resulted in much less traffic on the highways and byways he travels along.

“I drove between Cloncurry and Mt Garnet and saw just three cars along the trip which is good for truckies and no caravans,” he said.

That is a distance of 885km.

Roadhouses have been in the news lately and Craig said that he enjoyed stopping at several in the outback.

“I like the BP Gulf Gate BP Croydon Roadhouse and the Burke N Wills where they look after drivers,” he said.

Burke N Wills is an iconic Aussie Roadhouse which is strategically located 200km north of Cloncurry, the same south of Normanton, 250km from Julia Creek and 180km from Gregory.

When you check out the Kenworth immediate thoughts come to you of a song named The Gambler made famous by the late American singer Kenny Rogers.

The Kenworth Craig purchased second-hand less than a year ago named after the song and is decorated with a mural of a deck of cards.

But Craig doesn’t know how the truck came to have that title.

The driver rated the worst roads as between Charters Towers and Emerald which echoes the opinion of many others. Although it is fully bitumen, it is narrow in many sections and needs careful attention when negotiating it.

Craig also gets to travel along the Gillies, Palmerston, Rex and Captain Cook Highways as well as along the notorious Kuranda Range Road during his work.

“The Palmerston is rough at places,” he said.

The front of his Kenworth was covered in dead insects and Craig had come across lots in recent weeks.

Cleaning his truck will be a task which will take many hours.

When Craig gets time off he likes fishing including trips to the Great Barrier Reef and has some success catching a variety of species.

A football follower, Craig barracks for the local North Queensland team the Cowboys and hopes the NRL season does start up again in late May as planned.

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