Onboard weight system gets it right

REDUCE your hauling costs with the Aussie-made axle weight and payload scale available from Loadcheck.

The new Weight-Rite onboard scale utilises the latest advancements in weighing and engineering technologies, to achieve high accuracy and great performance from pneumatic suspension systems on trucks, tractors and semi-trailers, for the purpose of getting the vehicle's weight right, the first time, at the point of loading and before leaving the site.

To achieve this, the miniature electronic console (display/keypad unit) allows for quick, neat and secure installation onto or into dashboards or overhead in cabins, for driver's convenience and simple operation.

All other hardware is protected and installed under the floor, in a rugged weatherproof enclosure, connecting to the required airbag axle groups and power supply source.

Once installed, the Weight-Rite scale can be easily calibrated to weigh in kilograms or pounds, after entering a security code, and with the aid of a nearby weighbridge/station or known payload provided by a wheeled loader, etc, for comparison weight checking and adjustment.

Alternatively the Weight-Rite scale incorporates a self-calibration function, which can be engaged if required to avoid delays, at the time of installation, or any time requiring assessment.

Other innovative features include display of individual axle groups, simultaneously showing up to four groups in both net or gross payload weight, net cubic measure, as well as net and gross weight of the vehicle (GVM/GCM) and out off level weighing simply at the press of a button.

Further, the Weight-Rite scale can store up to 60 different trailer calibration levels with the data held in code. Additionally the Weight-Rite scale offers a unique target external alarm system to provide warning sounds or light, alerting the driver or loading operator that the required payload is finishing and turns off when complete.

The Weight-Rite scale will help you avoid overweight fines, weighbridge fees, reduce fuel, time, maintenance, payload dispute, etc, and improve safety there by offering fast payback on your investment.

For more information, phone 02 9829 8900.

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