Chloe Millhouse is one of the participants in the ATA Diversity program.
Chloe Millhouse is one of the participants in the ATA Diversity program.

Nothing stands in Chloe’s way

WORKING in the transport industry, especially when you are in such a position as Chloe Millhouse, she knows you need a thick skin because you will be questioned and criticised by people who have been doing it longer than you.

"But if you listen and learn to take on-board the constructive criticism, it will help you grow further in this industry," she said.

"Every person you meet, you can learn something from - you just have to listen."

The 24-year-old from Edinburgh North in Adelaide is the operations manager for Grace Removals' South Australian business.

She started at the company as the administration co-ordinator almost four years ago and worked closely with the previous operation manager assisting with preparing job dockets for crews, contacting clients in regards to their relocations and assisted with arranging shipments for import consignments.

When he moved on, she applied in hopes to learn more and grow her career.

Now, she manages a workforce of 15 to 20 removalists to complete household and business relocations.

"I work closely with our team here to schedule crews and trucks daily to pick up/deliver our clients' effects," she said.

"This entails arranging containers to go interstate via rail, overseas by air/sea freight and effects to be moved locally within South Australia via road - along with management of staff, fleet maintenance, client liaison and various other tasks."

Chloe learned her strong work ethic from her father who started his own business as a shearing contractor when he was 21.

"Growing up in a family business has taught me that nothing short of hard work will get you somewhere in life," she said.

She said as she grew older, she realised he taught her not to let anything get in the way of what she wanted to achieve.

Chloe said to ensure a strong future, she believed the transport industry must embrace diversity and fresh perspectives as the world moves into a more technological age.

Her passion to bring about change has had her named as one of the 10 participants of the 2020 Trucking Diversity Program run by the Australian Trucking Association and Teletrac Navman.

The groundbreaking initiative will celebrate the industry's diversity and develop diversity champions.

She said diversity was important to her because she wanted to be given equal opportunity to do what she was passionate about, without being questioned because of her age or sex.

"I believe our industry has already started to evolve and is becoming more diverse. I hope this program will help others understand why diversity is important and how they can use it to expand their business, invite new technology, new platforms for growth and further understand their customers' needs.

"A more diverse workforce means a more diverse vision which invites innovation and expansion to our industry."

Chloe said she hoped she had helped others understand you could be a more empathetic leader and it would get results.

"That you can be more open about mental health and have better understanding of your employees which will help your staff feel more appreciated, which in turn benefits the company as they want to do better at their job," she said.

"In a male-dominated industry, this is something that can be overlooked because they don't want to be viewed as soft etc.

"Employees work harder because they feel their vision for life is better understood and that you will help them achieve it if they put the work in.

"When you have a strong relationship with your staff, they will go the extra mile for you when needed."

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