Nothing like Nick's Kenworth

Nick Gierish's Kenworth customised by Leeroys Truck Stainless and Fabrication.
Nick Gierish's Kenworth customised by Leeroys Truck Stainless and Fabrication. Contributed

KEEPING cool can also mean looking cool.

For Nick Gierisch that certainly was the case.

When he first saw the 2012 Kenworth 909 he was caught off guard.

Even though it's painted red, it's a pretty bloody cool truck he thought- and he'd never seen one like it ever before.

"It stood right out with the paint scheme he'd set out, just the colour combination, the red, the black, the gold,” he said.

"Plus the low-lying bunk. It was just something different, at the time there was only a few of them around and this one really stood out.

"It wasn't copying anything it was just doing its own thing, which is what I liked about it.”

The firebird on the back of the bunk.
The firebird on the back of the bunk. Contributed

He was mates with the Kenworth's owner, Leeroy of Leeroy Truck Stainless Fabrication - he pulls a bitumen tank for Leeroy's father - so when he found out the truck was being offered for sale, naturally he jumped at the chance to buy it.

"I was selling my Peterbilt and Lee offered me this,” he said.

While he bought the truck in October of 2016, it wasn't until August last year that the two decided to do some work on it.

"Bitumen is a seasonal job, it's quiet in winter time. I was there and gave him a bit of a hand with bits and pieces. I thought it was a good first truck to do in his shop since it was the first truck he'd owned.”

It took them three weeks together in the workshop to complete the customisations and Nick said he couldn't be happier.

He said the tank steps were lowered, tank strap covers and tank trims were made and they cut off the original Kenworth steps, making them how they "thought they should look out of the factory”.

The trim around the bottom of the bunk was done and a stainless trim was run underneath it.

Battery box covers and new roof lights were also part of the customisations.

Master Art's Damian did some paintwork, including some pinstripes, sign- writing and painting a firebird on the back of the bunk.

"I saw it (the firebird) on a TV show where they'd painted the bonnet with a firebird. I thought it would look pretty good so we went with it.”

As for his favourite thing about the 909?

"I really like the way he's done the trim around the bottom of the bunk and lined it up with the battery boxes, the step boxes,” he said.

"It's sort of something different that hasn't been done before and gave it a whole new look - a whole new look of its own.”

The truck was named 5150, the US police code for crazy.

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