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Truck, highway generic , heavy vehicle Kirstin Payne

No wonder people don’t want to be truckies

PICK up your game.

I went out to a breakdown in the rain on October 7; a B-double with an engine fault code issue.

The driver was a young bloke, cleanly presented, very polite and courteous, no tats, no bad attitude and not a swear word in two hours, so I immediately took a liking to him.

It turns out that he has recently upgraded from HR to MC, been doing some MC on local deliveries, and was now on his very first interstate trip.

After sorting the engine issue, we went for a walk around the combination with him and was just talking trucks, and I noticed that there was no spares on either trailer.

I checked the tyres and found that one of the tyres on the A trailer had obviously been run on an axle with a crook wheel bearing and was all scollopy around both edges but also had two patches, as big as my hands on it, that were completely exposed wire.

I pointed this out to him and he was surprised to see it, and said that the boss had told him that the mechanic had checked it all over and that it was good to go before he left, only one hour before.

We often hear complaints that there are no young guys coming into our industry, and then we have bosses doing this sort of thing to a nice young bloke who has upgraded and was now having a go at up-skilling.

No wonder young guys won't come on board.

Wake up you older guys, this is not the '80s anymore. This is no way to treat young guys having a go, get with the times, upgrade your attitude about how you operate your gear, or get out and let someone else who will do it properly, carry your freight.

No wonder the state transport departments are so constant in their monitoring of us. They too are frustrated by the poor attitude and maintenance of some operators (several other re-grooved tyres were marginal as well).

Can't blame the young blokes for this, it is us older guys who need to pick up our game, set a good standard and be a good example.

Ron Jones

Big Rigs

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