New year, newly-empty bottles

NOW that 2013 has arrived and with this, the first issue of Big Rigs for the year, I have the opportunity to say that I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a terrific new year.


Our Christmas day was spent with our three boys who are all too young for wives and families.

This meant preparations for five, rather than 50, which suited us.

Like all of you, no doubt, we ate far too much.

Our middle lad, Tom, and I outlasted everybody else and sat up until the wee small hours playing music from my era, sipping on my Christmas presents of Scotch and American Honey and generally having a great father/son bonding session.

We bonded very well, as the next morning the three bottles I had been given were all but gone.

The diet that I had been manfully struggling with also went out the window.

It would appear that 2013, like many years before, will be another ongoing battle with the tummy muscle.

It's time that I started paying more attention to Michelle Peden's Healthy Living column that appears in these pages. These days our Christmas decorations extend to a Christmas tree in the window that has fibre optics and consequently needs very little added, some lights on the guttering and a few knick-knacks that Rita places around the house. Contrast this with a friend's home that we visited prior to the big day. I took a video on my phone of their decorations and it took me 10 minutes (moving quickly) to film everything.

I gave up counting Santa Clauses at 35!

They have recently moved up-country, and while we were there, one of their new neighbours popped in.

They asked if it would be okay to bring their grandchildren around for a look at this Christmas Wonderland.

By the end of the weekend, most of Shepparton and surrounds had been through their house.

Our decorations were put away in half an hour - theirs will take until March at least!

There were no new year's resolutions, as I long ago discovered that the only difference between New Year's Day and New Year's Eve is a major hangover.

Also in years gone by, whereas my friends would tell me that I had been the life of the party, my two ex-wives seemed to take delight in informing me that I had made a total fool of myself.

All I knew was that the next day our friends were still talking to me and the ex-wives weren't - and that's not a fun way to start the new year!

I went into a shop the other day and bought something.

When the owner scanned the item, it appeared as a different product. He made comment about paying good wages for people to do a poor job.

He said that his new year's resolution was that instead of yelling, "You're fired!", he was going to take a deep breath, count to 10 and say very quietly, "You're fired", without the exclamation mark.

I hope that the year ahead brings you all more good than bad.

Here's to 2013.

Take care of you,


0418 139 415


Don't forget the American Truck Historical Society annual event at Lancefield, Vic, to be held over the weekend of February 23-24. If you have a Peterbilt of any age, bring it along to celebrate 50 years of that marque in this country. For details contact Robbie Green on 0408 532 603.

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