New rules for livestock transport today

THE six-month grace period for new livestock transport requirements introduced in January expires today.

Queensland's chief veterinary officer Dr Allison Crook said the new laws outline the basic principles that everyone transporting livestock must use.

"The laws now reflect the national standards and align Queensland with other states and territories," she said.

"The laws apply to the transport of both commercial and non-commercial livestock and start once livestock are assembled prior to loading and continue until the animals are unloaded at the final destination.

"The laws provide standards that animals selected for transport must be fit for the intended journey."

The code applies to alpaca, buffalo, camel, cattle, sheep, goats, horses, pigs, poultry, ostriches, emus and deer being transported by road, rail or by a road vehicle or container aboard a ship.

Visit The Animal Welfare Standards website for more information.

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