Total Lubricants have launched new Cooltech Coolant and brake fluid to the market.
Total Lubricants have launched new Cooltech Coolant and brake fluid to the market.

New Cooltech coolant range and brake fluid launched

TOTAL Oil Australia is excited to announce the launch of their new premium range of Cooltech engine coolants and Total Brake Fluid DOT4 to the Australian market adding to Total's comprehensive lubrication range.

Cooltech Coolants

OFFERING superior performance and protection, Total's new Cooltech range of anti-boil/anti-freeze coolants cater for passenger vehicles all the way through to heavy duty vehicles and equipment for the mining and transport sectors.

Thanks to industry leading technology, a commitment to the environment and increased service intervals, the Cooltech range is the smart coolant choice.

Cooltech LLO is a versatile, premium quality, long life organic coolant. Suitable for passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, taxi fleets, government departments and bus and large truck fleets.

Utilising carboxylate technology, combined with a double inhibitor package, LLO contains no silicates, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates or amines.

Cooltech LLO increases operating life of water pumps, provides protection against cavitation's erosion and wet-sleeve liner pitting.

Cooltech HDD is designed for earthmoving, mining, heavy transport and trucking fleet operations.

This advanced coolant contains a special nitrate/nitrate chemistry which is tailored to heavy duty diesel engine requirements.

Cooltech HDD provides maximum protection against hot spot corrosion and helps to eliminate water scale deposits.

Cooltech Premium PG is an organic, technologically advanced long life coolant specifically designed for use in the transport and mining sectors.

With a double inhibitor package and based on a propylene glycol, Cooltech Premium PG allows extended service intervals which provides cost savings and benefits the environment.

Total Brake Fluid DOT 4

A healthy brake system is the most important safety consideration for any vehicle and brake fluid plays an important role in that process.

After significant research, Total has released their high performance polyglycol synthetic brake fluid conforming to DOT 4 requirements for the automotive market.

Total Brake Fluid DOT 4 stands out from the crowd thanks to its high temperature resistance and low moisture absorption that provides a superior boiling point and high vapour lock temperature throughout its service life.

Total Brake Fluid DOT 4 is recommended for brake and clutch systems in all vehicles where a DOT 4 fluid is recommended and is available in 500ml, 5L and 20L bottles.

"Total Oil Australia continues to expand our product offerings to the Australian market with the exciting new range of Cooltech coolants and our Brake Fluid DOT 4. Total Oil Australia is able to provide your total lubricant solution, offering industry leading products and services that will take your business to the next level,” said Andrew Murchie, TOTAL Oil Australia Managing Director.

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