Neil Shires
Neil Shires Jonathan Wallis

Neil loves the variety of truck driving

WE had dropped into the Caltex Truckstop and Roadhouse at Epping Forest and were delighted to catch up with Neil Shires from Launceston when he dropped in driving a PBE 2008 T-908 with a 500 Cat up front and towing a Low Loader.

He said he had been down at Huonville for a couple of days shifting fire stuff around, and he was glad to be on his way home to Launceston at the time.

He has been with the outfit for 10 years now, and finds it a great job with plenty of variety.

"Last week, we were working in the absolute burned out devastation out the back of Judbury and could you believe, one morning we woke up to see snow on the mountains!

"The helicopter pilots were dropping down to take 'selfies' in the snow on the mountain tops on their way down to water bomb the fires that were still burning.

"Looks like it is pretty much under control down there and you can only hope it doesn't start up again if we get a hot day and high winds. It's been going for far too long now, and we are all right 'over' it!”

He said he has been driving since he was a young fellow, and spends whatever time off he can find with the family, and out on bikes.

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