Allan “Lofty” Lofthouse

MUCH-TRAVELLED truckie Allan "Lofty" Lofthouse was checking his load beside the Reclaimed land Road near Townsville Port when Big Rigs saw him on April 27.

Lofty, as he is known by all and sundry, works for Marsh Transport based at Gordonvale, which is just south of Cairns.

He drives a 2010 model Kenworth T908 and has been to every Australian state and territory.

"The only major road I haven't been on is between Perth and Port Hedland," he said.

Friendly Lofty was carrying general freight between Townsville and Cairns but gets interstate a lot.

"A few weeks back I took salvage gear from Cairns down to Dover in southern Tasmania after a boat sunk," he said.

Lofty also has a pic on his mobile phone of a large 18-tonne anchor he hauled down to Bell Ball harbour near Georgetown in northern Tassie.

The 59-year-old Lofty yarned about his long career which has included many trips up to the Northern Peninsula Area of Cape York to Bamaga and Seisia.

He also spoke of the 450km from Chillagoe to Kowanyama when there were 26 gates along the way.

"It was the home of bull dust then but has improved a lot since," he said.

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