Money wasted on Royal Commission says TWU

THE Transport Workers' Union has demanded that the Royal Commission on Trade Unions end its attack on the union and its members after the ACCC today found there was no anti-competitive agreements with logistics firm Toll.

"Taxpayers money and our members' money have been wasted through the Royal Commission's so-called investigation into the TWU.

This latest vindication shows the politically-motivated nature of the Royal Commission and the federal Government which set it up," said TWU National Secretary Tony Sheldon.

"The Royal Commission will spend at least $61 million investigating the representatives of working communities. This is money which could have been spent on training our unemployed young people or funding disadvantaged communities. Instead it is being politically targeted against us," he said.

"I am now calling on the Royal Commission to stop its attacks on our members," he added.

The ACCC began investigating a training, education and auditing fund set up in consultation with and voted upon by TWU members after allegations were made in the Royal Commission that that it was anti-competitive to other transport operators.

But the ACCC found that the fund was not anti-competitive nor was it set up for that purpose.

"Trucking is Australia's deadliest profession with drivers 15 times more likely to die than any other profession, according to Safe Work Australia. Other road users are affected by this also: 330 people die in truck related crashes every year," Sheldon said.

"The Transport Education Audit Compliance Health Organisation fund was set up to assist transport workers and employers improve career pathways, training, industrial rights, research, health and safety in our industry. How training and safety could ever be a point of attack by the Royal Commission beggars belief," he said.

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