Millionaire but he did not know it


A TRUCKIE from Deeragun in North Queensland is a millionaire after winning first division in a recent Powerball draw.

But he didn't even know he had become fabulously wealthy until more than three days later.

The regular punter and Lotto-taker purchased his winning ticket at the Woodlands Shopping Centre newsagency, which is just off the Bruce Hwy in North Queensland.

His numbers came up in the Powerball draw on the night of Thursday, March 8, and he won $3,619,064 - but didn't check his ticket until the following Monday, March 12.

Reports indicate he was busy driving his truck and forgot all about checking his ticket.

Naturally he was very excited and is now set up for life.

Not surprisingly the truckie wanted to remain anonymous and he has been a regular customer at the newsagency which has sold its fair share of big winning tickets over the years.

The local Townsville Bulletin ran a great story about the unnamed truckie and there is much conjecture about who he is.


THERE is nothing more annoying than watching a great sporting event on the box and the power goes off at a vital moment.

That occurred as four truckies who are fanatical NRL supporters, were enthralled in the game between the then unbeaten reigning premiers Manly Sea Eagles and Cronulla Sharks on March 18.

It was Monday night football on pay television and with a minute to go bad weather forced a break in transmission with the Sharks leading 17-14.

The Sharks were on the attack and the four truckies had bet on them winning at juicy outsiders odds.

Being a family newspaper Spy would not even try and mention the expletives that came from their mouths, but readers will get the drift.

Cronulla had led 17-nil early in the game and held on to win 17-14 for their first victory of the season.

"That awful box came up on the box screen telling us heavy rain caused the break in transmission and it annoyed the living hell out of us," one said.


ONE of the first thing truckies speak about when asked by a Big Rigs correspondent about the possibility of snapping their rigs is just how dirty they are.

That is not surprising when you consider how many rough and dusty roads they travel over and some of the loads they haul.

One of the most vivid and smelliest jobs Spy has ever seen a truckie undertaking was one cleaning the trailers of a triple which had carried cattle quite a few hundred Ks.

Spy did feel pity for the truckie as he hosed away layers of cattle poo.

"We have to do this every month and it takes a full day," he said.

With all of the recent heavy rain in Victoria, NSW, WA and Queensland Spy has never seen so many clean trucks.

So all of you blokes who are coy about having your pic taken next to the rig because of the dirt factor, there are no excuses, for now at least.


THERE is a well-known South Australian truckie who had been a tad self-conscious about his decaying front teeth.

He had confided in several colleagues about the prospects of having them removed and replaced with a full set of false teeth.

Every time he went to the dentist to have a crown or cap they would fall out.

But Spy can report this "biting" news that he has been spotted with a brand news set of fangs and they aren't false ones.

We hear they are indeed porcelain teeth which are guaranteed to last for many years.


IT WAS no Irish joke for a number of off-duty truckies on St Patrick's Day, March 17.

They were enjoying a green beer or 10 at the aptly named Shamrock Hotel in Townsville which is a popular watering hole for local and sometimes visiting drivers.

Just after 4pm, a call was received that a bomb had been placed at the hotel.

More than 200 jolly patrons were evacuated and it turned out to be a hoax.

Spy often imbibes and enjoys a meal at the Shamrock and can tell readers the truckies were not too happy.

"I arranged to get a day off with some other drivers and we thought it was an Irish joke. But when the all-clear was given we had a good time," one told Spy.


SPEAKING of Easter, up at Australia's northern outpost business centre of Thursday Island they are having a hip-hop convoy.

The Queensland Ambulance Service, Police Service, and Fire and Rescue team are involved.

They will be handing out Easter eggs to 500 kids and information kits.

Convoy will make its way around the suburbs of TI which has some of the most beautiful ocean views in the country.


WITH Easter fast looming, Spy thought it apt to bring readers an Easter Bunny message from somebody in the road transport industry.

What better man for the job than the ALDODA national president Bunny Brown.

"The Easter Bunny wishes you all a safe and Happy Easter. Safe driving to all," Bunny said.

You may not see much of me, but I'm out there working behind the scenes."

Thoughts of Mr Brown getting around in an Bunny uniform and handing out Easter eggs to kids immediately came to Spy's mind as he wrote this.

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