MICHAEL Brown is a junior truck driver for Sun City Trees of Townsville and is always the target of practical jokes.

Michael drives a 1989 model Toyota Dyna light rig and hopes to get into bigger trucks in the future.

"I have been with the company since July last year and we have plenty of work," he said.

Michael describes the Dyna as a nice old rig to drive and he gets plenty of variety at work.

"I also get to drive the Bobcat and all of the other blokes here are good," he said.

"We are all mates."

While that may be so, Michael admits he is always keeping his eye out for the next practical joke coming his way.

"I am always trying to come up with a joke to play back on them but they are hard to catch out. They seem to know them all," he said.

Michael said with so many trees in north Queensland, there was never a shortage of work and he liked being part of the team.

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