Men's style all in the jeans

Grant Meredith, a technical engineer, gets a makeover at Emale on the Dawson Hwy, Gladstone.
Grant Meredith, a technical engineer, gets a makeover at Emale on the Dawson Hwy, Gladstone. Christopher Chan

MEN, throw out those tatty shirts and get into a new wardrobe this summer.

There is no sense in accumulating age-old Hawaiian t-shirts, and no one needs to see those favourite pants you wear around the house.

Emale owner Justin Michell has some tips on how men can revamp their wardrobe.

Firstly, he said there was no single staple item in a man's wardrobe - but a good pair of jeans could be a versatile item.

"A man's wardrobe should be a collaboration of key interchangeable items," he said.

"However a great pair of jeans should be included in every bloke's closet."

Mr Michell said a great suit could be split and worn with a well-fitted pair of jeans for a smart-casual look.

There are, however, certain elements of a man's wardrobe that should not see the light of day.

When it comes to removing items, it can be difficult.

Mr Michell suggests a few items that must be removed.

"It sounds so obvious but anything he doesn't wear anymore," he said.

Firstly, he suggests removing baggy jeans or loose clothes.

Also cartoon or comical ties, boxers and t-shirts must go, and, in the footwear department, get rid of chunky shoes and sandals.

When updating the wardrobe, don't forget everything else.

"Don't forget basic grooming," Mr Michell said.

"A good haircut and a great fragrance will always work wonders.

"Reduce your clutter and you create more options.

"Always buy quality garments on important items such as suits and shoes.

"Quality also means you won't look shabby, because the colour and cut won't fade and fray.

"Choose classic cuts, prints and colours so that it will last years."

Think office technology technical engineer Grant Meredith agrees updating your wardrobe is important.

"Men should get rid of college shirts, definitely. It ultimately comes down to tackiness," he said.

"When updating your wardrobe, use what you have and add classic items.

"You need good colour balance in your wardrobe."



Throw out

  • Baggy jeans
  • Loose shirts
  • Cartoon or comical ties, boxers and tees
  • Chunky shoes and sandals

Bring in

  • Good jeans
  • Suit jacket
  • White shirt
  • Good pair of shoes

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