MAFS' Simon McQuillan finds balance in work and life

GLAD to be out of the spotlight, reality TV Show Married at First Sight's Simon McQuillan is visibly ecstatic to be free of his 15 minutes of fame.

A down to earth Ipswich boy, Simon said he much prefers to spend time on the road or working on his business Atlas Balance.

Now back in the workshop, Simon has poured his focus into his wheel balance technology line - a long time dream he shared with his father.

REALITY STAR: Down to earth Simon Mcquillan from Atlas Balance
REALITY STAR: Down to earth Simon Mcquillan from Atlas Balance Kirstin Payne

"It all started with dad, we drove fuel tankers out to Chinchilla twice a day, so we used to have to park our trucks up regularly for servicing," Simon said.

"On a whim we decided to try a wheel balancer, and eventually we ended up fitting out the whole tanker and never mentioned anything to the driver.

"He rang us and said it was the best the truck has driven in 15 years, so we started to explore something that would fit all models in Australia."

After discovering there were limited options in Australia, Simon and his father worked together on their own products.

"We worked on it, getting our hands dirty taking the measurements of any vehicle I could get my hands on, to make sure of the fit," Simon said.

"Dad came up with the name and the logo, Atlas balancing the world on his shoulders."

The pair found engineers willing to work on the project in Melbourne and a local manufacturer in Brisbane.

"It's all Aussie," Simon said.

Unfortunately a short while after their business had officially launched, Simon's father passed away.

"I remember coming back from work wondering 'what next?'," Simon said.

"It's something we did together, it was our project."

However Simon did eventually continue alone, juggling their project with his new found love life while advocating for the science behind the parts.

REALITY STAR: Down to earth Simon Mcquillan from Atlas Balance
REALITY STAR: Down to earth Simon Mcquillan from Atlas Balance Kirstin Payne

"At the end of the day the balancers increase, tyre life, fuel savings and reduce wear and tear," he said.

"The balancers contain a liquid metal which is the balancing agent which is seven times heavier than water and serves as a counter weight."

When positioned, the centrifugal force holds the liquid metal into position until a different vibrational resonance pattern develops to eliminate shaking.

"I have had customers who swear they don't think they are going to work," he said.

"I tell them they can come back if they try it and they don't see it work. I haven't had anyone come back yet," he laughed.

"I've even had someone call back to apologise once they saw the difference."

Simon McQuillan's life has led him into unexpected areas and even after being in the celebrity spotlight, he has found life balance in leisure and in work where he helps keep the trucking industry balanced on track.

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