MaxiTRANS joins top uni alliance


MAXITRANS has announced they have formed a strategic alliance with the Monash and Federation Universities to enhance their training, research and development activities.

"Via this new collaborative agreement, we aim to further push the boundaries of trailer design and construction to increase the industry's efficiency and environmental sustainability,” a spokesperson for MaxiTrans said. The agreement will provide MaxiTRANS with valuable independent insights through both universities' world-class research facilities, people and capabilities to validate and expand on their initiatives.

In addition it will present university students with the opportunity to work on relevant commercial projects and form networking connections that may lead to future career paths which will deliver mutual benefits to all parties of the new strategic alliance.

MaxiTRANS will be looking to build on its research and development to further the company's success such as Freighter's four awards at the 2017 Brisbane Truck Show.

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