HOW long would it take you to pull a Western Star prime mover 20metres?

It only took Amateur Strongman competitor Warrick Brant 22 seconds to pull Julie and Eamonn Gavin's eight tonne McGrath Foundation pink Western Star.

He even ran some of the way.

While at half the size strong woman competitor Sue Metcalf showed that women can do anything when she took on the pink truck and only took about 33 seconds to pull it 20 metres.

After her efforts Sue, the top ranking female strong woman in Australia, admitted it was hard.  "You'd be puffing after too," she told channel seven and nine camera men, who were at the media event ahead of this weekend's Amateur Strongman Championships at the Redcliffe Dolphins Rugby League Club.

The winner of the Australian Amateur Strongman Championship Open division will be invited to participate at Australia's Strongest Man 2012 and at the Amateur Strongman World Championships held during the Arnold (Schwarzenegger) sports festival in Ohio 2013.

Promoter Scott Johns said Warrick, who is in the open amateur class would pull two 16tonne Western Stars at one time during the weekend's competition.

There will be 10 events held over the two day championships.

At Brisbane Truck Centre yesterday, Scott said the truck pull was one of the easiest events in the strongman competition.

"Warrick will carry 410kg across his back across a 40m field, as many times in 90seconds as he can," he said.

This is the first time Western Star trucks have been used in the competition.

Two months ago Scott and four of his strong friends headed out to Brisbane Truck Centre to test out three of the tri-drive 6964 FXC trucks rated up to 250 tonne, which Western Star will supply for the competition.

And Warrick said Western Stars were great for truck pulling.

"It was easy," he told Big Rigs.

"It comes down to surface and friction.  I've pulled a 20tonne crane arm over arm and that would be harder than a 40 tonne truck.  The Western Star was nice, it ran really smooth its got great running gear."

About Warrick:

Warrick trains four times a week for the sport and has pulled numerous trucks during his strongman career.

He got into if after a rugby accident left him with a broken neck, but his competitive spirit was still intact and he started powerlifting and then decided to take on the strong man title.

About the pink truck:

Pink truck owner Julie Eamonn said she was glad to donate it's use.

She drove from Perth for the event, which she hoped help spread the work about Breast Cancer and the great work of the McGrath Foundation.

The truck won Rig of the Year at the Transport Hall of Fame reunion this year.

"I hope people see pink, think breast cancer and get checked," she said.

Julie wants women to know that breast cancer affected women from the age of 20 and to not wait until you are 50 to get checked.

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