EVERY evening at 5pm, a deafening racket erupts from the Scarness Beachfront Caravan Park.

But it's not rowdy tourists - it is the cry of thousands of lorikeets that have descended on the park in plague proportions.

After a noisy night, visitors are forced awake at 4am as the birds start calling again.

Adding insult to interrupted sleep, they then have to spend their mornings scrubbing away the filthy evidence of their overnight visitors.

"The damage and the noise is dreadful," Bribie Island holiday-maker Bill Miller said.

"It's the most beautiful spot for a caravan park, but I'm not coming back until the birds are gone - and I'm telling all my friends."

Mark Kane, from the Victorian town of Maryborough, said he and his wife Jan visited every year for 10 weeks and spent more than $7000 each time.

But he won't be coming back either unless something is done.

"The amenities are spotless, the management is friendly, and there's not another park like it up and down the coast," Mr Kane said.

"There's not hundreds of birds - there's thousands. I have to get up every morning and spend half an hour hosing droppings off the tarp and scrubbing the car."

Mr Kane said visitors had been cutting short their holidays because of the problem.

"They'll turn up and say they're here for five days, but the next day they pack up and leave because the birds are so bad," he said.

"The caravan park must be losing thousands, not to mention all the other businesses."

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