Not everyone is happy about how the review is going to go.
Not everyone is happy about how the review is going to go. Kirstin Payne

Look to the west, they do it best

THIS letter is in response to the ATA's first submission to the NTC for the Heavy Vehicle National Law Review

LET'S start with removal of work diary and no need for that American system of the electronic work diary.

Fines are a joke as you're targeting the driver and not companies that push.

It seems like the redraft is to lessen the financial burden on business owners while you forget about the drivers who are trying to keep their jobs.

Next, car drivers who cut trucks off in traffic and do the brake check because they feel much more entitled to be on the roads than everyone else, should be fined mandatory $2500 and incur a minimum of six demerits instantly - no more slap on the wrist for this behaviour towards trucks.

The point-to-point camera system is to either include all vehicles that travel our roads or be fully removed, the old safety cameras did work well.

You want to improve the industry yet it's proven to be far greater over in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, with fewer heavy vehicle accidents.

Before you criticise why I put it that we all should run their system, listen to facts: the majority of the freight movement is road trains, with worse roads than we have here, yet there are less accidents.

How does that not show you that the system they use is far superior to the over-regulation of the south through to the east and north side of Australia?

If safety was the priority then the revenue wouldn't exist.

They're proving that the system is only to extract financial burden of the truck drivers and protecting the business owners as they hold a get-out-of- responsibility clause.

-Martin De Vos

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