Life with Kermie: Making most of a weekend visit


BUSY weekend just gone, back in the old hometown of Hooterville - our first chance to get back there since we moved to MooTown.

I did the right thing and returned friend Lorna's high-sided trailer that we'd used to cart stuff up north.

I was even kind enough to return it full of branches and leaves from my first efforts at pruning some of our new garden. She does live on 40 acres of Hooterville's finest land and I was thoughtful enough to empty it into a pile ready for burning. She got me back by having me play computer geek with her hardware for a couple of hours while she and Rita talked behind my back. If I was a real computer geek it would've taken me about five minutes. Caught up with my boys, Tom and Nick whom I've missed a lot since moving.

All the Facebook communication and phone calls in the world don't match up to a face-to-face - you gotta be able to hug and kiss your kids. Managed to get to Gary, my barber's joint for a quick number 2 whilst there as well.

To my dismay he has sold up and is moving to Philip Island. Jeez Gary.

Also had an invite to pop down to Warragul on the Friday evening to have dinner with my godson, Joel Wishart. Turned up with my usual bottle of scotch accompanied by a couple of bottles of Pepsi Max, having forgotten that Joel is a heavy with the Coca-Cola company. He eventually forgave me, cooked us up a storm and even gave us a TV cabinet which will suit our new digs perfectly.

We sat down to dinner and one of his daughters, Gabby, aged seven said, "Dad, we haven't done high/low."

Joel explained that each night they go around the table and recount their high and low points of the day.

A wonderful exercise that gets the whole family interacting. Of course my "low" point was bringing Pepsi into the house.

The following evening was a trip to the Carlton/Geelong footy match

and returned home to find the latest copies of Big Rigs on our doorstep. Glad that the circulation department has been updated. I usually have a few spares so will be leaving them at Peter's Fish & Chip shop on the corner of McLennan and Mill Sts here in Mooroopna.

Take care of You, Kermie

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