LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where are the digital diaries?

FLOG BOOK: Truck driver fills out their log book.
FLOG BOOK: Truck driver fills out their log book. Carly Morrissey

THERE have been a few gigantic work diary fines for breaching work and rest legislation.

Like Big Rig's latest story and the story of a $17,500 fine handed out to a WA licenced driver, living in Victoria carting steel out of Wollongong.

My question is, where are the electronic work diaries, when are they going to be rolled out, or made compulsory? Is it because it will cost to much in revenue or is it because of the NHVR loosing their authority, over items like the electronic work diary? They have been on trial secretly for many years now, especially in NSW.

So why isn't there a push for these to be introduced, if they are supposed to be mistake free, where are they? There are lots of drivers out there that have hated the work diary since it's inception, me included. With the NVHR cracking down on such offences and with so many drivers making mistakes which are now costing people their livelihoods.

There is always going to be that element within the industry that will cause problems, but would this not be one of many steps the could be taken to stop the driver bashing and negative publicity of the transport industry?

Lauren H

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