LET'S NOT WAIT: Town demands action before lives lost

PROMISES have been made. Surveys have been conducted. And yet very little has been done to alleviate the number of road incidents on the notorious Ulmarra black spot.

Instead, residents have been assured that such tragedies will subside on this sharp, narrow corner once the bypass as part of the Pacific Highway upgrade is complete.

That's an anticipated two years away.

Until then, residents must continue to endure the countless crashes, some just metres from their homes, despite repeated requests to make minor changes to the way motorists approach the riverside township from the south.

In 2010 Roads and Maritime Services reviewed the section after Clarence MP Chris Gulaptis made a request for it to extend the village's 50km/h limit south.

However, it is understood RMS could not justify the change.

Since then, more accidents have occurred.

In June of the same year the review was conducted, a car was almost torn in half when it collided with a truck.

A month later, a semi-trailer overturned on the same bend before hitting a power pole and coming to rest next to a private yard, littering the area with debris.


The owner of the yard, it is understood, was left to clean up the mess.

One power pole has been involved in two separate crashes. The first was in in April 2014, when a car hit the pole, followed by a B-double truck rolling over one morning in November 2015, causing one home to be rewired after the cables were ripped from the side of the house.

In 2014, car smashes into a power pole near the notorious Ulmarra black spot.
In 2014, car smashes into a power pole near the notorious Ulmarra black spot. Keith Rooke


Two more accidents occurred last year in the same notorious spot.

The first was in March when a multi-vehicle crash left three people in hospital.

The second was a police pursuit which ended in a fiery mess after the driver collided head-on with a vehicle heading north. Debris from that crash is still on the road.

However, just six weeks later, two trucks swiped one another last week, causing one to land in an embankment just metres from a home containing sleeping children.

These are just the accidents that have been recorded.

Today The Daily Examiner launches its Let's Not Wait campaign to help the residents of Ulmarra see action after their pleas for help have gone unnoticed.

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What should be done to fix the Ulmarra blackspot?

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Install rumble strips


Extend the 50km/hr zone


Install drowsy driver alert systems such as flashing lights


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