Let's not let a few spoil our image

cartoon for Big Rigs
cartoon for Big Rigs

I HAVE to admit I was a little torn when I first heard about the hotline now open to dob in safety violators.

Putting the obvious scope for abuse aside, do we really need to be highlighting yet again the few bad apples that seem to be all we're judged on by the general public and our industry detractors?

But then I got to talking to a couple of the younger blokes we feature in this issue (see pages 4, 5 and 36, if you haven't landed there already).

What an impressive trio of young professionals they are.

They all work incredibly hard and approach their driving roles as not just a short-term job they're doing to bolster the coffers before moving on to something else.

For them, as it should be across the board, this is a serious lifelong vocation, one that doesn't deserve to be tarnished by those who are failing to treat it with the respect it deserves.

We may have a shortage of youngsters coming into the ranks, but if these guys are anything to go by, we don't lack in quality.

It was also great to hear from a voice at the other end of his career in this issue, long-time driver Ken Wilkie from the National Road Freighters Association (see page 7). He's had a gutful of the convoluted and confusing fatigue laws, and I must say I can't blame him.

His mission now - and one that will have our wholehearted support - is to fight for change so blokes like our "young guns” don't have to suffer the same way.

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