Guests show their support at the TWA dinner celebration for IWD.
Guests show their support at the TWA dinner celebration for IWD.

Let's all work together for pay parity for women

INTERNATIONAL Women's Day has come and gone for another year and many inspirational and deserving women have been recognised for their achievements, but hovering in the background was the sarcasm about every other day being International Men's Day.

This is not OK. If women want equality and parity and everything else they are talking about, they won't achieve it without the support of men.

As I have stated many times, equal means equal, not different.

I don't believe in quotas; everyone should be hired or promoted on merit. I don't want to be given a job or a place on a board because I am a woman; I want it because I earned it and because I worked hard for it.

How could you have any sense of achievement and how would you have the respect of your colleagues if you were there because the company had to fulfil a quota.

#Balanceforbetter being the theme this year and while balance within the workplace is good for everyone, balance must be achieved for the good of the company, the country and the individual.

It is not about promoting anyone for any reason above a level where they are able to perform to the best of their ability, or where we are setting them up to fail because society expects us to fulfil an unattainable quota.

There are some who are perfectly content in their roles and do not want to move higher in a company or to a role with more responsibility and that is great because they have decided where they want to be, and how much they want to give up.

Because you do have to give up things in life to get ahead even if you are male. Being a man doesn't automatically give you a free ride to the top.

Work/life balance is a myth created to make people feel inadequate if they don't have or do it all.

You create the balance in your life and how you do that is deciding what is the most important to you, what you are prepared to forgo for that and what you are not.

Some famous woman once said, "you can have it all, just not all at the same time!”, and that is probably the whole truth.

The real road to equality is for everyone to work together - men and women - for equal pay for equal work.

Pay parity is one area where we definitely have to make a combined effort to achieve the result that is urgently needed.

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