Anatoliy Samara

Learning early healthy habits

ACCORDING to the Queensland Government, national and international research has found experiences in the early years of life have long-term impacts on health, learning and behaviour.

While they will learn many of their behaviours from their family at home, kids need a secure social environment where they can develop and learn for themselves. Kindy creates the perfect environment for children to socialise, learn important skills but most of all have fun.

Children who participate in an approved kindergarten program are better prepared for formalised schooling thanks to the learning opportunities, experiences and friendships they enjoy at kindy.

There are hundreds of kindys across the state offering an approved learning program.

Each kindy will offer a different experience for your child so it is important to look around and find one that is best suited to you and your child.

Participation in a kindergarten program is not compulsory in Queensland, but it is encouraged as it provides children with a smooth transition into Prep and full-time schooling.

Government assistance and initiatives make kindergarten available and affordable for every child in Queensland. For details visit

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