Leaders in the field

EADIE'S Mechanical is a modest, up-to-date garage servicing trucks, cars, F Series Fords, four-wheel drives and trailers of all descriptions from just about anywhere.

They are available throughout the year for all your mechanical needs including services, full major services, automatic transmission and power steering flushes, and radiator and suspension service.

Eadie's Mechanical has been part of Ipswich's business growth for more than 40 years.

The Amberley workshop is only 20 minutes from Rocklea and 2km from the Amberley Air Force Base.

Their facilities include six full workshop bays, one pit which is capable of handling any length rigid truck, prime mover or bus, one bay is permanently set up for wheel alignments, and one wash bay.

They have plenty of parking and turning capabilities for trucks, plus a lunch room and showers are available.

Eadie's Mechanical was established by Doug Eadie, who passed it on to his son, Steve.

The business has gone from strength to strength with a reputation built on superior workmanship and attention to detail.

Their commitment to Ipswich and the safety of its residents is evident. Long-term clients of the family friendly garage praise the Eadie's team for their excellent customer service.

Give Wendy or Steve a call today.

Eadie's Mechanical are the wheel alignment and axle correction specialists.

They have risen to be among the leaders in their field in both axle correction and wheel alignments.

As an extension of their wheel alignment work All Type Axle Corrections was formed, as in most cases they need to bend the truck axles out of the vehicle to achieve the optimum specifications and crack test axles and its components.

They also replace king pins and re-sleeve axle eyes.

Educating the motoring public as to the importance of correct wheel alignment geometry set-up, for our left- hand-drive cambered roads unique to Australia.

Most mass- produced vehicles brought into Australia have been designed for a worldwide market - cars, trucks, etc.

Most of the world drives on the right-hand side of the road and their roads are flat. Truck axles need to be removed from the vehicle and have the camber and castor corrected in an axle press to stop pull left and left-hand outer camber wear.

Four-wheel drives with closed knuckle front diff assemblies, eg Toyota and Nissan, do not have any camber and castor adjustments.

The fitment of an aftermarket Castoline kit, which is an offset knuckle bearing, will remedy the poor camber and castor settings.

So when buying a new vehicle, ask the question, "Has the axle been corrected?" In the case of trucks, test-drive your vehicle and make sure it doesn't pull left, or request that your vehicle be checked by a wheel alignment specialist before sale.

This will save you a lot of arguments with the dealers and early tyre replacement.


37 Southern Amberley Rd, Amberley, Queensland 4306

Phone (07) 5464 3413

Or visit the website at eadiesmechanical.com.au

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