Lancefield's yankee real estate

SET among the beautiful surrounds of the local sporting arena and complex, February 25-26 saw the return of The American Truck Historical Society's annual event at Lancefield (Victoria).

Following on a week after the HCVCV event at Broadford, the number of trucks at Lancefield (V) was just a smidge down on previous years, but there was more than enough to keep lovers of 'American Iron' busy.

In the interest in inclusiveness, ATHS turns a blind eye to non-American brands and the odd British Bedford and Commer turned up to spread the love.

ACW Truck Spares and Repairs showed up with three vehicles, bought, restored and maintained by the company and its staff.

One was a 1948 K Model Bedford, totally stripped back and rebuilt.

A five year project, honouring the originality of the vehicle remained the highest priority, including the original GMH Mariner Blue colour.

Dominated by Kenworth and Mack, this show nevertheless offers at least one example of just about every American truck ever made, giving the enthusiast a wonderful insight into the history of this era of Australian trucking when the Yanks took over from the Poms.

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