Sure is a great view from up here.
Sure is a great view from up here.

Kermie: It’s the simple things in life

SO, IT appears I jumped the gun.

Last issue I said I’d try and avoid COVID-19, but it has become apparent that there’s not much in my life right now that’s not related.

Not gonna talk about washing hands though, because we’re all big boys and girls.

Also, unlike most of you, I’m stuck at home apart from the essential outings.

This has seriously dented my ability to go out and hunt down stories, so as I said last time, please get in touch with me on 0418 139 415, and we can have a yak.

Big Rigs will maintain a presence in your lives – be it via the paper version, online, or both.

Luckily for us, Rita and I have spent most of our 13 years together, pretty well 24/7.

This means that we’re well accustomed to each other’s eccentricities.

Rita asked me if I would now mow the lawns twice weekly as she is a lover of neatness.

I’m of course happy to oblige.

I cut it on a three, then I cut it on a two then one.

Any lower and I may have to turn the soil and plant the place out in doomsday veggies.

In fact I might have to because there was a run on plant pots at Bunnings.

She suggested that we should clean out the guttering.

So that was done, after which I climbed up onto the roof to hose down the Laserlite.

Sometime later Rita comes back out to see what had become of me.

“Are you OK?”

“Yep,” I reply. “I’ve just gained a new appreciation of the view from up here. Think I’ll grab a chair and chill here for a bit.”

Which I did.

Home project #1.
Home project #1.

Next door neighbour comes out and I yell out a g’day.

He’s so taken with the idea – proving he’s as nuts as me – that he follows suit and we spent a happy hour chatting (well) “over the fence”.

Lucky I’ve got a pint glass that I filled with scotch as people my age are not supposed to climb ladders unnecessarily.

I made it a strong one so as to last the distance. LOL.

Rita has always been happier than me to squat at home, but – as the song goes: You don’t know what you’ve got ‘till it’s gone – even she is having trouble acclimatising to the new lifestyle.

With a dickie immune system, it’s even more important for her to isolate, so it’s me who heads out for the necessities.

Once back home my phone, wallet and car keys are all disinfected.

Surprised she hasn’t got the bathtub full of Pine-O-Cleen for me to soak in.

Our Steve and Miki, who live in London have been self-isolating for some five weeks as I write this.

Steve said the first 10-12 days was tough going but they’ve become accustomed to it now and happy in their own skins. They are both lucky that they can both work from home and so are not on the unemployment lines.

A benefit for us is that Steve is contactable through their day and he was able to find the time to remotely clean up our computers.

He hopped into mine and I got a stern lecture.

“Dad! How many times have I told you not to download anything without checking with me first!”

It appears I had a load of viruses (of the computer type) on board.

His lecture took me back to when I’d get them as a lad from my mum and dad – except this was in reverse.

Glad he’s on the other side of the world and couldn’t spank me.

Rita was watching my face as we spoke and laughed heartily at my crestfallen head and guilt ridden look as Steve berated me.

While at Aldi for the necessities on one trip, I spied one of their specials – an outdoor, three-seater lounge.

So I bought two.

If Tom’s outlaws are allowed to travel from New Zealand next Christmas, we’ll have plenty of seating.

And painting the timber frames white and putting the lot together will keep me occupied for a bit.

Autumn blooming is good for the soul.
Autumn blooming is good for the soul.

The other thing we’ve noticed around home is the number of plants that are blooming.

There’s stuff popping up everywhere that we’re sure didn’t last year.

Smell the roses?

Yep … all 50 of them.

The thought crossed my mind the other day about the old saying, “Without trucks, Australia stops”.

Well, Australia has pretty well stopped and we need the trucks to keep rolling more than ever.

You guys are simply the best.

Now that the truck stops are allowed to reopen in a limited capacity, it will hopefully give you some succour on your travels.

The rest of the country may just get some idea of how you folk live day, week, month and year, in and out.


Yep you’ve been doing it for years.

Nature of the job.

Saw a post on BookFace today, asking to describe in one word what self-isolating was doing to you.

My response: schizophrenic – but at least I have great company.

Take care of you.


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