Wickhams came down south for the show.
Wickhams came down south for the show.

Kenworth turnout a coup for organisers

WHEN it comes to truck shows, it's hard to beat the annual Clarendon Classic (Klassic) Rally, held on the outskirts of Sydney.

From turbine powered go-karts to steam powered trucks, there is so much to catch one͛'s attention, and so much to spend the day admiring.

Coupled with the immensely popular Kenworth Klassic rally, the show managed to pull 6500 people through the gate over two days, with 292 Kenworth trucks rolling in, as well as well as every other type of machinery ever conceived.

Even the ridiculously strong wind (and the risk of serious injury from flying umbrellas) couldn't keep the punters from coming to one of Australia's biggest machinery rallies.

On entering the rally, the choices of where to go, what to see, makes it hard to pick.

With tractor pulls, vintage motorcycles on display and swap meet stands set up, the sound of steam stationary engines puffing away, and the smell of Dutch pancakes, there isn't any escape for the senses.

Although once the turbine powered go-kart started up there seemed to be nothing else in the place, the sound, the noise, eclipsing all else in the grounds.

Only last year, the Kenworth Klassic was added to the lineup at the Clarendon Classic Rally.

With Western Sydney having such a strong Kenworth fanbase, there was a great response to the show, and this year has only gotten bigger and better.

Run collectively by a bunch of diehard Kenworth fans, the organisation skills falling to Bruce Gunther, of Haulin the Hume fame, and the boys from Northwest Trucks rallied the entrants from Australia wide to ensure a full field.

Big Rigs caught up with Bruce Gunther to get his wrap-up on the show.

"This show has turned out even better than expected, to be amongst these enthusiasts who live and breathe the Kenworth product.

"We definitely have to thank the Sydney Antique Machinery Club, for accommodating us on the back of their highly successful rally.

"I also want to thank our major sponsors Gilbert & Roach for helping to make this KK rally a success.

"I'd also like to thank the support given by Kenworth Australia and Paccar Parts, for getting behind this event, and recognising their heritage.

"Finally, I'd like to thank those who helped get the T900 Legend to this event, Jim Hurley and Liz Martin."

Coming up from Victoria, Paul Dossett entered his ex Finemore Transport W925SAR, a truck he used to see around as a kid, but after trying for a while managed to secure his rig.

According to Paul: "I've come here to support Dave Chapman, from Northwest Trucks, and I am a bit blown away by the turnout, definitely well worth the trip up here."

Another entrant in the show is local transport operator Michael Cefai, who entered his father's original 1976 SAR in the show, a truck which means a lot to Michael and carries the same paintjob as his fleet of late model tippers he runs.

We asked Michael what he thought about the show and he said without a second thought: "I'm telling you, look at the size of this event, there is nothing else around like it."

One of the benefits to the KK event is the lack of any type judging and the lack of an entry fee for the show, which means the atmosphere is more relaxed, and the focus is on like-minded people getting together to enjoy a common interest.

The only trophies that are handed out at the event are to a select group who have supported the brand, or managed to perform a beautiful restoration job on a KW rig.

Known as the KK Award of Excellence, this year's picks were:

Errol Cosgrove

Dane Ballinger

Camson͛s Transport

Chris and Andrew Muscat

Phil Crmlec

Gradall Constructions

One of Australia's largest machinery rallies and truck shows, the Clarendon Classic and Kenworth Klassic are a must for anyone who likes, well anything relating to machinery really.

Enthusiasts, maintaining our heritage and sharing it with the next generation, and all in ridiculously high winds.

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