DRAWCARD: Kenworth T410 promises to be one of the main attractions at BTS19.
DRAWCARD: Kenworth T410 promises to be one of the main attractions at BTS19. voss photography

Kenworth launches new T360 and T410 models

WITH their own distinct styles, the T360 and T410 again prove Kenworth's ability to develop and deliver trucks that best fit Australian applications, exceeding the needs of its customers with versatile, reliable and productive solutions.

"Feedback from customers with prototype T360 and T410 models has been extremely positive,” said Brad May, director sales and marketing, PACCAR Australia.

"Of paramount importance in delivering a new range is the need to maintain the exceptional performance, quality, durability and productivity for which Kenworth is renowned.”

The new models feature a wide range of important enhancements - from improvements in visibility, application flexibility through shorter bumper-to- back-of-cab (BBC) length, better performance and drivability.

New exterior and interior styling, improved safety feat- ures and a range of available options, optimise the trucks for any application.

The all-new Kenworth T410 combines class-leading productivity, comfort and performance in a package that delivers superior customer value.

A purpose- built, versatile aerodynamic solution with improved fuel economy and performance, the T410 excels in vocational, intrastate and interstate distribution as a rigid, single or multi trailer configuration.

With a set-back front axle and an optimal bumper- to-back-of-cab dimension of 2845mm (112 inches), the T410 can be rated up to 70 tonnes (GCM) making it suitable for PBS and tipper and dog operations.

The T410 offers a choice of three sleeper cab options, a 600mm aero, 760mm mid-roof and 860mm aero sleeper cab.

Powered by the PACCAR MX-13, the T410 is available in either 460 or 510 horsepower variants.

Since its introduction to the Kenworth range in the T409, the MX-13 has gained popularity and earned the respect of drivers and fleets alike.

The class-leading performance and responsiveness has delivered fuel economy and operational benefits, making it a leading contender against other 13 litre options.

The new 12v MX-13 provides exceptional levels of refinement and service simplicity.

No longer requiring 24v-12v inverters, the electrical architecture is even more simple, durable and cost- effective to service and maintain.

Optimum payload and maximum concrete carrying capabilities.
Optimum payload and maximum concrete carrying capabilities. voss photography

New to the Kenworth range and first to be offered in the new T410 is the PACCAR transmission.

The 12-speed design is smoother, delivering the performance and reliability for years of trouble-free operation.

An aluminium main case, internal sensors and wiring, and helical cut gearing make for a transmission that ticks all the boxes in terms of class-leading weight, durability and serviceability.

With a torque capacity of 1850lbft and rated to 50 tonnes GCM, the PACCAR Transmission is engineered and integrated to work seamlessly with the PACCAR 12v MX-13 engine.

The new T410 in action for a test drive by  Big Rigs .
The new T410 in action for a test drive by Big Rigs . Joel Helmes

Operated via a transmission stalk controller mounted on the right hand side of the steering column, selecting various transmission modes and exhaust brake is easy with both the transmission and engine brake in one convenient location.

Moving the transmission controller away from the dash has provided more space in front of the dashboard to allow easier movement around the cabin.

For applications between 50 tonnes and 70 tonnes GCM, an Eaton Manual or UltraShift is available upon application.

Big Rigs

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