Keeping fit is hard to do in trucking

KEEPING fit was a hot topic on the Big Rigs Facebook page after a truckie called for more fitness-friendly facilities for truckies.

Drivers shared what they did to keep fit.

“It costs nothing to fo for a walk and only $5 for a skipping rope, cut a few laps around your truck and if anyone has a laugh just ignore them,” one said.

But another said a lack of facilities wasn’t the problem - it was finding the time to actually exercise.

“I stop for 30 mins only during my run and that’s barely enough time to change trailers and grab a coffee and maybe something quick to eat, which usually means unhealthy,” said Rhys Burrows.

Then barely 10hrs between finishing a run and starting another so on the couple of days a week I do go to the gym it’s basically sacrificing at least an hour of sleep to do it and that’s not taking into account the other things you need to do between runs, washing etc.”

Daniel Sheppard said it was “80 per cent food and 20 per cent exercise”.

“In saying that, working a 13 to 15 hour day including breaks doesn’t leave much time for exercise. High intensity training that can be done in 10 mins would be the way to go.”

In regards to wanting more fitness facilities at truck stops, many drivers were worried that basic facilities like toilets and showers couldn’t be maintained, so why would a gym be any different?

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