Would you drink muddy water? Treat your engine right, filter that oil!
Would you drink muddy water? Treat your engine right, filter that oil!

Start using protection TODAY

DOWNTIME means money lost in this industry, which is why we undergo preventative maintenance and keep our trucks in good shape.

Would you bother changing your oil if it didn't improve the lifespan of your engine? Probably not.

Reality is, though, lubrication and filtration are at the heart of good preventative maintenance, which is really your best bet at keeping a truck on the road.

So you've spent a fortune on quality synthetic oil, how do you make sure it's clean for the entirety of the service interval?

The answer is simple, filtration, and that goes for the air, fuel, hydraulic filters, and oil filter.

Engine oil deteriorates based on contaminants and chemical changes, all of which can be prevented or minimised with quality filtration.

The contaminants a quality oil filter will catch a portion of, are essentially made up of abrasives and combustion by-products.

Combustion by-products range from water, to soot and carbon deposits, and are very common in diesel engines.

Soot and carbon are inevitable in your engine, but over the course of a service duration, can reach levels that cause damage; from rocker arm failures through to rapid wear of rings and cylinder walls. The interesting thing about modern engines is that the advanced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) units increase the amount and abrasivity of soot that is produced.

Abrasives that wind up in your engine generally consist of dust and dirt that makes it past your air filter, as well as metal particles that result from wear of moving parts.

Abrasives especially can often be reduced or prevented with proper filtration and while some abrasive material is inevitable, why not ensure you keep it to a minimum?

The days of washing air filters, which aren't re-usable, are for the most part gone. However, stretching out air filter change intervals is doing more damage than you realise, especially on older engines.

Oil filtration is no different, and will help to both catch contaminants and slow the degradation of engine oil across a service interval.

The good news is, Baldwin Filters is here to help. From air filters, to oil filters, right through to fuel and hydraulic filters, Baldwin has been supplying the industry with top-quality filters for 80 years.

The key message with preventative engine maintenance is, don't stretch out service intervals.

Remember, if you're spending good money on a truck, and putting quality oil in the engine, don't skimp on filtration.

For distribution enquiries call (03) 9353 7300 or visit the website www.baldwinfilter.com/au/ or Like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BaldwinFiltersAU/

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