WHEELY GOOD: Superchrome wheels come factory-backed.
WHEELY GOOD: Superchrome wheels come factory-backed. Super Chrome

Just Jost for all your alloy extras

JOST'S Forged Alloy Wheels has become a household - or at least workshop name in the short five years since the company entered the Australian market.

In that time the Jost wheel range has expanded from a basic 22.5-inch trailer fitment in an American stud pattern, through to medium Japanese and full-size European prime mover and rigid patterns.

Complete conversion packages are available to retrofit from factory steel wheels to Jost premium alloy wheels, without the need to change factory short studs (sleeve nut kit can be included).

Jost's extensive wheel range is inclusive of super single 11.75-inch for both steer and trailer fitments, the popular nine-inch offsets in American and European PCDs, right down to the 17.5-inch low loader specialist forgings.

"Fleets and owner drivers alike expect the best return on investment and are increasingly specifying premium components in the builds of trucks, trailers and other expensive equipment,” a Jost spokesman said.

"Depending on quality gear to help provide their livelihood makes sense all round.”

Jost premium forged wheels are available in diamond-cut machined finish, best described as similar in appearance to the underside of a DVD.

The light captured reflects an impressive finish and an entry-level offering.

Accompanying the machined finish is the bright polished wheels, with their smooth shine from the 6061- grade aluminium that has been processed to reflect its surroundings like a quality aluminium forging should.

The built-in resistance to corrosion that 6061 alloy offers by its very nature is enhanced by our industry exclusive offering with Superchrome, an Australian specialist in metallurgical finishes.

Jost said they are the only wheel company that can supply, as an option, your new wheels with a factory- backed Superchrome finish that carries a seven-year finish warranty, with a five- year unlimited-kilometre structural warranty.

Superchrome finish has resistance to chemicals, limes, cement powders and wheel washes with no need to polish, just soap and water to clean.

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