The cast of A Chorus Line.
The cast of A Chorus Line.

Josh returns to Chorus Line role

JOSH Horner is trading live TV and witty quips for well-rehearsed lines and dance steps in A Chorus Line.

The Dancing With the Stars judge plays director Zach in the new Aussie production of the classic Broadway dance spectacular.

The show, the first professional production of A Chorus Line in Australia since 1993, debuted in Melbourne in February and is about to open in Sydney on July 20 before continuing to Perth and Brisbane.

It's a chance for DWTS viewers to see why Horner is on the judging panel in the first place.

"I'm getting excited about it," Horner told The Guide during a recent visit to Brisbane.

"Getting to wear that gold suit, it's me in my element."

While A Chorus Line is a true ensemble show were all of the talented cast get a chance to shine, Horner has one of the lead roles.

As the fictional show's director, he spends the majority of the musical either on stage or at his director's table in the audience.

"It's actually a big acting role for me," he said.

"For two thirds of the show I'm in the audience sitting at the sound desk, running and directing the show."

But it's a role Horner nearly turned down.

"It's the show that I didn't think that I wanted to do. I didn't think I wanted to be back on stage," Horner said.

"The producers asked and I was like 'no not interested'. I slept on it and the next day I was like 'what an idiot, when do you get that opportunity'."

The former Australian Ballet dancer, who recently choreographed a parade for Disneyland, said he prepared himself to be on the receiving end of some constructive criticism.

"I was very nervous with being judged because I'm a judge on Dancing With the Stars," he said.

"I thought 'people are going to really judge me' but I have a beard (in the show) and I think a lot of people probably didn't recognise me."

A Chorus Line plays a limited, 21-show season at QPAC in Brisbane from November 16 to December 2. Tickets start from $74.90. To book go to the QPAC website.

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