FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT: A 4km line of trucks takes on Canberra to fight for safe rates.
FIGHT A GOOD FIGHT: A 4km line of trucks takes on Canberra to fight for safe rates.

Join the TWU convoy to make a change

EVERY day, transport industry clients are forcing operators to cut costs, resulting in cuts to vital operating costs like vehicle maintenance.

In the meantime the pressures from the cost of living rise.

The unrelenting pressure is forcing companies to go to the wall.

These are companies that sustain the future of the industry, providing employment and a living for drivers.

We know that low wage growth is causing drivers to stay on the road longer so they can raise enough income for their families.

We have the evidence that shows that longer hours on the road, longer wait time in yards with poor queuing and allocation is creating a greater risk and a poorer rest time for drivers.

This has resulted in unstable and unhealthy work practices which puts all road users at risk. Enough is enough.

Right now TWU members are building further on the fight for a safer and fairer industry. We want to support drivers in the fight for an industry that has a safe future.

We are not about an industry that excludes but instead empowers owner-drivers and employee drivers to take a stand and maintain a healthy income, a safe rate.

There are those in our industry who will have you believe that paying drivers properly for their expertise and professionalism will push our industry further down.

Unlike what those lobbyists would have you believe, abolishing Safe Rates has not helped struggling transport operators and owner-drivers.

This is why the TWU has been in Canberra where we brought together truck drivers, families of those involved in truck crashes, transport companies and associations and major retailers.

We talked with those in charge about building a major legislative framework that will address the crisis points we face in the transport industry.

Not only have over a thousand companies gone under but the death toll is over 500 since the Federal Government tore down a safety watchdog for the transport industry.

We want to help fix the problem, and we know you do too.

Things need to change in our industry. More policing, more cameras, more devices that vibrate or electrocute a driver do not solve the problem.

Providing a means by which employee and owner-drivers know that clients will be held accountable in regards to safe rates for all in the industry, will go a long way towards a fairer, safer day at work.

Your transport industry needs a system in place that can investigate threats to safety and set safe and sustainable standards to save lives on the roads.

The safety on our roads is a shared responsibility. All can take part, that's our plan - what's yours?

You can join in our protest convoy around the country on March 31.

We want our industry to be heard. A message will be sent to those in charge that drivers are carrying Australia but do not want to be carrying the needless pressure that is causing deaths in our industry.

To be involved, phone your local TWU branch in NSW (1800729909) or Queensland (1800804533) or register online at

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