Jamie Blackwell
Jamie Blackwell Jonathan Wallis

Jamie works with a top bunch of blokes

"I'VE been about 11 years all up in the industry, mainly logging,” Jamie Blackwell, from New Norfolk, said when he dropped in to the Caltex at Epping Forest.

"The last two years with this outfit, and before that two others driving. I was doing general for eight months or so prior to this job, but I just missed the bush too much, so I'm happy as, being back here now.”

Jamie was driving a 2017 PR and KF Muskett T-659 with a 600 Cummins up front, and towing a B-double loaded with plantation logs from Lonnavale to Forico at Longreach.

He said he would then be returning via Bothwell and picking up another load of pine bark to take to Boyer before knocking off for the day.

"They are a great mob here and run great gear, as well being a top bunch of blokes to work with, so you might say I am really happy just now. Good to see the fires are pretty well under control by the look of it but there's a lot of black stuff around out there.”

His time off is also a bit "bush” orientated as he enjoys fishing and camping whenever he gets some free time.

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