CUTTING COSTS: NatRoad has scored a win for truckies looking to fight tickets.
CUTTING COSTS: NatRoad has scored a win for truckies looking to fight tickets.

It's now easier to get Safe-T-Cam pics at no cost

IN a win for its members and the industry, NatRoad has worked with NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to streamline the process for obtaining a copy of a heavy vehicle camera image.

NatRoad advocated for a cheaper, easier and simplified process to access Safe-T-Cam images to respond to Infringement or Court Attendance Notices.

Previously there was no dedicated process for a customer to get a copy of a heavy vehicle camera image for a vehicle they own or were driving at the time of the alleged offence.

Also, customers had to complete a paid application via the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

RMS has now developed a simpler and more transparent process for those, who have received a Notice to Produce, Infringement Notice or Court Attendance Notice and want to obtain a copy of the relevant Safe-T-Cam image.

Details of the new process:

The process allows a person who has a lawful interest in obtaining the images to apply directly to RMS Enforcement Services Unit at no expense.

Customers wishing to obtain these images can now find a Fact Sheet and the relevant form to access their images.

RMS has now implemented an application form which will formalise the process.

Complete forms should be emailed to for processing.

Each application received will be reviewed and the camera image released at no fee (this does not apply to speeding offences, as these requests are currently managed by Revenue NSW).

Information regarding the new process will also be provided on the Notice to Produce document itself with reference to the RMS website and related links.

NatRoad Compliance and Workplace Relations Adviser Richard Calver said this new process delivered time and costs savings for many transport businesses.

"This is an example of how the authorities can support businesses and make aspects of the already complex legal process more accessible,” he said.

If you have received an infringement notice and need help, speak to a NatRoad adviser today at (02) 6295 3000 or email

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