Breathe a little nature.
Breathe a little nature.

It's all about the balance...

HEALTHY living is not just about putting good food in your mouth.

It's also just as much about your stress levels and mental state as it is about where you let your mind wander to when you are on your own and how often you move your body.

Healthy living can seem so far out of reach, almost like a pipe dream for some, especially when you spend what seems like the majority of each day of most weeks of nearly every month behind the wheel of a truck, driving all around the countryside.

Often you are out of phone range and have no one to talk to. Oh and let's not forget that you most likely feel you are always under pressure with a time limit to get from A to B.

I know first hand how difficult it can be to live a healthy life on the road.

Six years ago, when I volunteered to write for Big Rigs, my job as a nutritionist was to be out on the road, educating regional communities on healthy living.

My region was north from Sydney to Cairns and everything west, down to Adelaide and across to Western Australia.

I was in my little car, on the road every day, of every week, of every month, driving somewhere, often it seemed like to the middle of nowhere.

In fact, one year I had three separate months where I didn't even see my family at all.

I didn't just visit the major capital cities, my job took me down those same lonely country roads as you go and into all the regional towns that you all so often drive through.

I know how depressing and lonely it can be on the road.

So when I write about depression and the dark side of being on the road, I can talk first hand.

When you pull up to a roadhouse and the choice of a crumbed sausage or a cold pie are your only food options, I get how hard it can be to eat healthy on the road and the addictions that can develop on caffeinated energy drinks that get you through.

And don't start me on how you are expected to be active and fit in a gym workout when you tired from driving all day or when you are still 300km away from your destination and you are already two hours late through no your fault of your own.

There are ways of looking after yourselves on the road, smaller pieces of lean steak, drop the chips, suffer the soggy vegetables as they still have some nutritional value, build routines of jogging around the truck while in a parking bay.

Remember keep your chins up, and stay safe and healthy.

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