Ben Tate

It was good to run into Ben Tate from Orielton up at Epping Forest the other day when he dropped in for a quick cuppa and bite to eat between showers of rain. Ben was driving his own 2004 460Hp FM 12 Volvo and towing his bogey axle stock crate, and was on his way from the nearby Feedlot back home to Orielton at the time.

Ben tells us he has had the truck for 2 years now and he is still totally satisfied with both the truck and the job. He has been on the road now for a total of 10 years, having operated as an owner driver for the last two, and that whilst admitting things are tough out there in today's economic climate, and with ever-spiralling expenses, he is getting along "Okay right now" and is happy with the job all round.

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