TRENDSETTERS: Co-ordinator Jodie Broadbent (left) and speaker Bethany Magill at the TA2019 image-building seminar.
TRENDSETTERS: Co-ordinator Jodie Broadbent (left) and speaker Bethany Magill at the TA2019 image-building seminar.

It is time to work hard on improving our image

OUR industry, in the last couple of weeks has claimed a multitude of headlines, some good, coming off the very successful ATA Trucking Australia conference in Perth, and some bad.

The devastating fatal crashes that effect and sadden everyone in the industry and their extended families; the few idiots like the B-double driver who was driving so far over the legal alcohol limit it beggars belief and the driver who tested positive to methamphetamine and allegedly was in possession of cocaine.

These drivers should have their licences revoked for life; there are no words to describe this level of irresponsibility.

Then we have the other uneducated or uncaring fools who think that it is okay to park in the truck parking spaces at rest areas and truck stops, either because they don't care or because it is their "right” to park where they please and everyone else can just deal with it.

This appears to have been the attitude of one social media user quoted in Big Rigs who obviously had no clue and was too selfish to have a thought about anyone else.

I hope she didn't have anything to eat or drink or buy petrol because then she was using the services of the trucking industry and was too stupid to even realise how much of her life relies on these "sooky lalas” as she labelled them.

We had the release of the newest safety videos with Rod Hannifey on Whiteline TV which needs to make it to all media for public viewing.

The safety messages around the Easter weekend really need to move to mainstream media throughout the year for continuous education about sharing the road.

Somehow we have to do this and as I have often said before, let's not only work together on this but also get our industry role models out spruiking the message.

We need to do this on social media, on YouTube, in schools, whatever it takes for our voice to be heard. We need public safety announcements out there to reduce our horrific accident toll, no matter who is at fault.

We need better roads and better maintained roads; a more flexible fatigue regime; more and better rest areas; independent accident investigation; and better education for all drivers about sharing the road.

We need to stamp out the idiots who are bringing our industry into disrepute and find a way to show that they are a very small minority of our hardworking community.

We need to work hard on improving the image of the professional men and women in the trucking industry and we need to do this now!

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